Monday, May 14, 2012

Is Something Really Better Than Nothing?

OK. Clearly I am a sporadic blogger. I just have these 4 (somedays 5) creatures that NEED things and time and food and, and, and. And then there is facebook. Such a timesuck but oh, so much fun stalking the lives of people you haven't seen or actually spoken to in more years than I really want to consider. Good thing I never really cottoned to Pinterest I think. Anyway, the frequency of posts is not likely to get better in the near term, but here is what is going on now: May is the demon month. There are school functions every other minute and somehow everyone has a dentist appointment this month on top of any other kind of appointment you can imagine. Really, I should block out the month of May on the calendar for anything other than school related activities. What would I do if I were still working?!? Yep, quit teaching preschool at the Christmas break. Too many irons in the fire and since giving up the mom one or the wife one was not an option I had to go with the preschool one. I miss my sweet kiddos but I am seriously busier than ever!! I get to volunteer at the elementary school which is not essential, but let me tell you, laminating and copying and cutting and all makes me giddy!! With a little entrepreneurial spirit I could so have been Kinko's!! James and I have been kicking around moving for the last 5-7 years and just have never done anything about it. So about April one of said "We should move." And guess what? We actually started doing things that people who want to move do. De-cluttering, packing, renting a storage unit for the massive amounts of stuff one collects over 12 years in the same house. Lo and behold, the sign was planted on Friday and two showings later we had a contract on Monday. Seriously!! 6 weeks to move out. Well, our planning had kind of stalled out at the deciding to move phase. So we started looking at houses. Found the perfect one on day 1. Day 3 we went back, drew up a contract and a week later found out that it was not going to work out. Up to that point everything had been perfect. Disappointed, tired of looking and floundering we now we have 3 1/2 weeks to get out of this house and have no place to go with kids getting out of school in less than 2 weeks. The tent should be fun with 5 of us in silence as James works in the "other room" ~ you know, the zip-off side of the 8-man tent. Wonder how long Oak Mountain State Park will take to kick us out when the boys start scaring away all the wildlife? Did I mention I don't like sandwiches...wonder if we can haul our fridge out there and rig it up. I think I smell a reality show!! There's one for everything else. Moral: Regardless of what you think you know about your market, think it all through and have some sort of plan so you and your 4 kids are not homeless in the summer. In Alabama it is better to be homeless in the winter. In answer to the title question, you two readers may decide that a snippet of our lives every six months or so is not really better than no news at all. And we have decided that having just someplace to live is not better than having the place we want to call home for the next 20 years. So, stay tuned for how this all turns out. I know I will be excited to see how it all comes out when I wake up from my Xanex-induced trance (just kidding) when it is all over...'cuz McDonald's coke is not going to touch the stress of this thing!!

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Cherie said...

I didn't know you had a blog Tonya! I had been blogging for years--still have it, but have not kept it updated in quite awhile. Anyway, I can suggest which hotels out Hwy 280 NOT to stay at! ha! you know my experience in B'ham town! Good Luck in finding a house:)