Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a Week! (or Two!)

Bringing back the blog with a BANG! Here's a glimpse at life with 4 kids ~ Warning: The following may not be suitable for all reading audiences, especially those with weak stomachs or inability to appreciate the twisted sense of humor of our universe.

Thursday, October 13th
Eli is admitted to Children's Hospital for a clean out. Yep! Got to go the hospital to poop. X-rays, NG tubes, enemas, IVs, invasive (and I DO mean invasive) testing. The short story is: Mountain Dew has a whole new meaning to me now. All-in-all Eli did great. After the initial shock of being poked and prodded it was so much fun to press the button and order whatever flavor popsicle or Jell-o sounded good at the moment. He endured that last hour we were there and the invasive testing that occurred then much better than his mother could have (heck, I was not doing so well and was just sitting by his head stroking his hair and trying to be encouraging). The things I could tell you about poop....but I won't.

Friday, October 14th
Eli is discharged from the hospital in the early afternoon and requests a "Kristie Kreme" doughnut on the way home. Request granted Brave Boy!! Also, Daddy delivered a new garbage truck ~ a side-loader that raises, dumps and lowers the can ~ when he visited because really, there has got to be a bright spot in this sad tale.

Sunday, October 16th
Bedtime. Rachel scratching her head incessantly. I start looking at her head with a sinking feeling. Yep! Lice. Having never seen it before, we spring into action ~ James Googling and me in the car headed to the drug store. Not my favorite Sunday evening. And the following day's laundry is no picnic either.

Wednesday, October 19th
Sam has had a bug bite on his back/side right where his pants hit his waist for a few days. Today it looks angry. Go to preschool and get several opinions that it looks like a spider bite. Two more opinions come in that it looks like a staph infection. Call pediatrician and get appointment. Diagnosis = Staph. Yay!!

Friday, October 21st
As I am preparing to call to get an appointment to have the wound (which is beyond disgusting now) drained, Sam falls backward, lands on his back and does the deed himself. Blech!! Fortunately, James was a party to the fall and had to deal with the aftermath.

At this point I am thinking the trifecta is complete. No such luck.

Sunday, October 23rd
Eli's heat/moisture rash from sitting bare-bottomed on the plastic mattress (with only a knit sheet/no mattress pad) on the hospital bed looks angry. Weekend trip to the doc. Yep! Staph.

Monday, October 24th
An exhausted Mommy ends up with ear infection and sinus infection.

Wednesday, October 26th
Let the laundry begin again. Emily has lice.

Yes, you can see by the date that I started this post, did not finish and had more to add. Parenting is NOT for sissies people!!

I am certain that lessons were learned during these trials. I know I had opportunities to grow. Hoping I can remember clearly what they were after some sleep. I usually try to be a glass half-full kind of girl (even if I am sarcastic and sometimes snarky) but optimism has seemed to be in short supply as of late. Folks, these two weeks have been rough but I just know that November is going to be much kinder and gentler to the ol' Cannons.

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