Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Stand All Amazed

I just need to say that I am utterly amazed the strength and faith of the people who surround me. We are all stronger than we think we are and when tested can muster more faith than we give ourselves credit, but truly I have seen the best examples of love, service and faith in a little family from church over the past few weeks. They have changed lives as their lives have been changed in heartbreaking ways.

We serve a mighty and compassionate God whose love for His children is boundless and unfathomable. Only, we get to have a glimpse of it through loving and serving His children, our neighbors and His children, those he has entrusted to our care in this life. I am blessed to know that families ARE forever and that death will not separate us from our loved ones for long. I am fortunate to understand the Master's Plan for salvation, indeed exaltation. I am not saying that I am there, but I definitely have a strong desire to redouble my efforts to bring myself and my family to celestial glory.

Heaven is a little brighter with the return of precious Brandon to his Heavenly Father's Kingdom. My world is a little brighter with his parents' example shining before me.