Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sam was 8 months old this week! I can't beleive it. He has his six chompers in search of a fresh finger (not his own!) to gnaw on at all times and he is full-fledged crawling. Now I really have to get better about the subject of that last post. On the up side he has finally settled into a bit of a schedule and is rather quickly shunning baby food. He would much rather have a few bites of whatever else is going on at the table. Can't say I blame him, I fancy myself a pretty decent cook and besides, what are those teeth for anyway?

The misery of potty training Eli continues. Anyone would think he'd be done by now and he could and should be. He just hasn't decided that the potty thing is really for him every day. M&Ms and marshmallows are great, but what if you really do forget what you were doing with that cord or vacuum cleaner while you take a potty break? Just can't take that risk too often, you know! Meanwhile, mom has drawn the line in the sand and refuses to buy another box of diapers for him. So...spin on washing machine, spin on!!

This week is spring break and it will be dedicated to potty training and re-learning how to pick up after one's self. This is a skill that has been completely forgotten by my older shildren in the last two months. They were never great at it, but the messy build up has reached a critical point! Though I am hoping for a family day trip later in the week if Eli can make friends with the potty. Wish us luck!